Do you believe women can have it all?

Last week I attended a networking event aimed at people in the agricultural industry.  The guest speaker was a member of the NSW state parliament, and a woman.  Her speech gave me much cause for thought and I madly scribbled notes throughout so I can share those thoughts with you at a later date.

The one that seems to have left the biggest impression on me is this;

The MP was elected to office while heavily pregnant.  She was sworn in just 10 days after giving birth.  This should make her a hero of mine – demonstrating that women *can* have it all.

So why was my first (incredibly guilt-ridden) thought that her pregnancy would have made me think twice about giving her my vote if I was in her constituency?


4 responses to “Do you believe women can have it all?

  1. I really appreciate your honesty in this post. That is why I’ll return – to read someone who is genuine and human – a better voice for women. It’s totally refreshing.

    I saw this article: about how maybe not every woman wants everything all the time.

    As I get older, I don’t want it all. Just because I don’t, doesn’t make me any less pro-woman.


  2. You do realize that your life is a legislated illusion, do you not?

    What are you without Government legislation that gives you a false sense of equality?

    Don’t you understand that equality doesn’t exist in human nature?

    Ask yourself this question. What would your life be without government legislation that purposely weakens men while strengthening women?

    What would your life be without the Government constantly helping you improve your position? Helping girls/women up while smashing boys/men to bits.

    Do you see what an illusion and a lie your life is?

    Women use the Govt. to tie a cement block upon the leg of Man. Woman & Man then run a 200ft race where the woman is also given a 100ft head start. The woman wins the race and women+govt.+society celebrate the false victory as though it were real! This isn’t reality.

    You can’t strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. Consequences are going to arise and they will be grave. I think it’s safe to say Western Civilization is in a very precarious position because of the desire of female pseudo-equality.

    Western Civilization will be defeated by a society that DOESN’T practice such a weakening ideology.

    Feminism is a scam/fraud/lie. It has been debunked all over the internet.

    Give me one example in nature where equality exists.

  3. Sometimes I think the desire to ‘have it all’ is a display of greed. Surely life is all about choices and opportunity costs. Why then do we (not just women mind you) keep wanting more, bigger, better, but expect no impact on other areas of our lives?

  4. Interesting Susan as I largely agree.

    I will post on the topic soon, but I also wrote a post here:

    about my own discovery of that opinion.

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