Feminist literature

Today I met the lovely man in my life for lunch in a little cafe bookshop he has found around the corner from his office.  After we had finished eating, he spotted a book “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism“.  We picked it up and had a good flick through.

Printed in 1929 it was incredibly forward sighted – not at all what we had expected from the title.  OK, so it was a leeetle bit ‘helping the little lady understand what all this faff is about’, but the content discussed things like the inequality of women drawing a single wage while men earn a family wage.   Then we spotted it was by George Bernard Shaw. The advanced (for its time) thinking made sense.

At $30 that one had to be returned to its shelf, but looking around we discovered that we were sitting in the feminist literature corner.  Awesome; thought I.  Urgh; I suspect was the thought of my beau.  Coz then I was hooked.

I have never had any formal tutelage on the subject of feminism, and have not read any of the official ‘course literature’ for the subject.  I am glad of that, because it means that to this point my opinions have been shaped largely by my life experiences.  However today that will change.  Because $19 later I had left the cafe with a copy of Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch and a 1996 book; DIY Feminism by Kathy Bail.

Germaine Greer has come to represent all that is bad in feminism for many.  She seems to be held single-handedly responsible for the point at which feminism became man-hating (not my branch of the philosophy at all).  I am very interested to see what she has to say for herself and honestly expect to pick up some very interesting thoughts… even if I won’t necessarily agree with it all.

I shall let you know how I get on!


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