Woman’s Hour

A lighter post today – a podcast recommendation for you.

The podcast in question is the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

Now I know from past experience that not all of you are going to like it.  Some of you will find the concept, presentation and themes outdated.  Some will be unfortunate enough to pick an episode that is too British-centric.  Indeed one of my friends would rather gouge her eyes out with an egg slicer than listen to the show each day (and she is a Radio 4 addict!), but others I have introduced to it are addicted, so give it a go.

For me it is an indulgence as for a whole hour this mainstream radio station talks about history, news, politics… all sorts… with a female perspective.  The opinions and the topics vary wildly (as I have said before, 50% of the world’s population is not all going to care about the same thing), and the guests on the show (male and female) often disagree on things (actually, more often than not – that’s why they are chosen).

Some of the topics discussed recently have been:

– the legal rights and processes of surrogacy

– an interview with one of the contendors for the Wimbledon females title

– an overview of Judy Moran, “the woman at the heart of the Melbourne mafia”

– an insight into male friendships

– a muslim woman’s campaign against so-called ‘honour killings’

– the euphemisms we use to avoid naming a girl’s genitals, what are the options when talking to young daughters?

There is lots more besides, and many topics that don’t have a gender focus at all (just how stressful is moving house or – and I missed this one – the joy of olives.  Riiiiight.)  Give it a listen.


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