Why the silence?

I haven’t updated this blog since August and I probably owe some of the readers an explanation.

In August I started a major life move, from Australia, where I had lived for 18 months, back home to the UK.  6 months later things are beginning to settle and my brain has space again to turn to some of my interest areas.

However, it is not just life pre-occupations that have prevented more posts on here – I have not seen as much to arouse my need to vent my spleen.  The Australian papers provided daily motivation to get on my soap box, but either gender equality is less prevalent in the UK, or we just aren’t as trained to think about it over here.

I am going to have to work a bit harder to look for gender issues now, and in that search try to identify whether they are hidden, or less of a problem.

I also plan to continue to seek out examples of gender inequality (and fabulous acts of feminism) abroad too.

Do please drop me an email (contacts in the contacts tab above) if there is anything you think I might be interested in seeing.


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